Chain of Command

Seal Beach Battalion Chain of Command– (noun) a series of administrative or military ranks, positions, etc., in which each has direct authority over the one immediately below.

Commanding Officer:

LTJG Rebecca Robinson-Bailey

Executive Officer:

LTJG David S. Doorbar

LCDR Jack Ambriz

Operations Officer

ENS Scott Bailey

Recruiting Officer

LTJG Patrick Connolly

Asst. Training Officer

LTJG Sophie Doorbar

Administration/ Fiscal Officer

INST Priscilla Estrada

Personnel Officer

INST Margaret Khieu

Supply Officer

INST Jennifer Rogers

Training Officer

INST Allan Steward

Asst. Training Officer

INST Alex Stewart

Asst. Training Officer

Leading Petty Officer:

PO1 S. Rogers

Assistant Petty Officer:

PO2 R. Nguyen

  • What squad are you assigned to?
  • Who is your squad leader? What is their phone number?
  • Who is your assistant squad leader? What is their phone number?
  • Who is in your IMMEDIATE chain of command?