NSCC Coursework & Advancement

Cadets ages 14-17 years old

NSCC Cadets advance through taking the appropriate NSCC Correspondent Courses and Trainings.

To locate your required coursework, click here: NSCC Correspondent Courses. Completion of the BMR is HIGHLY recommended prior to attending Recruit Training.

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1. Print an answer sheet (NSCTNG028) and begin answering the questions for each assignment. DO NOT turn in completed chapters, turn in only the answer sheets. You do not need to wait for the next drill to turn in completed chapters. You have the option of scanning and emailing them to sbbseacadets@gmail.com for grading.

2. For those cadets who have completed their Petty Officer Courses, you must email the CO when you are ready to take your exam.

3. Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) may be completed at any time after being advanced to E-3, but prior to advancement to PO2.

4. Service as a Staff Cadet at NSCC Recruit Training or NLCC Orientation, in a leadership position, must be completed after completion of POLA and prior to advancement to CPO.